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1. What is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant belonging to the Cannabis Sativa family primarily known for its industrial uses since it contains 0.3% or less THC.

Detailed look into the differences between Hemp and Marijuana plants

2. What are the benefits of Hemp and how does it work?

The major compound in Hemp is Cannabidiol (CBD), which is non-psychoactive and interacts with the body's central nervous system, it's been known to manage mood and sleep. The body naturally produces small amounts of these, in the form of endocannabinoids with the same benefits as plant based CBD. Over the years, CBD has been shown to aid with the relief of pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. These natural benefits are what make Hemp so attractive for consumption.

3. Can too much Hemp hurt me?

No, according to a World Health Organization study done in 2018, the major compound CBD that's found in Hemp has not been shown to have damaging side effects.

In regards to combining alcohol and Hemp, the side effects of alcohol still exist and the Hemp may cause the alcohol to be absorbed into your bloodstream quicker.

4. Is Hemp legal and will it show up on a drug test?

Hemp has been legal for sale and consumption since December 20, 2018 thanks to the "Farm Bill" that was signed into effect by President Trump. All hemp products and its derivatives containing less than 0.3% of THC (the chemical known to get you high) are now legal and have been removed from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Because of the FDA regulations that require our products to contain 0% THC, our products won't make you test positive on a drug test. 

5. Will I get high after drinking our cocktails?

No. All THCC products are infused with the natural oil from Hemp seed which is non-psychoactive.

Resources to learn more about Hemp:

World Health Organization - Resource for official research and studies.

Ministry of Hemp - Organized data and research to answer practically any question or curiosity in regards to Hemp. 

Tedx Talk feat. Joni Lane - Masters in Sustainable Design Studies aims to teach about the benefits of building with Hemp.